Monday, July 04, 2011

Out in no-blog-land.

Wow....I've been off in no-blog-land since March and when I come back to do a quick post I can't remember how to do it. I mean really....I had to log out and come back in to figure out how/where to go to do a new post. Man, my mind is just too busy! My body has been busy too. It seems there are not enough hours in a week let alone a day, to do everything that I want to do. I have been very neglectful in posting anything and also in reading up on any of my "Blogs that make me go Ohhh". I am hoping in the next few months to be able to remedy this problem. To show how behind in time I am.... I just got the planters on our back deck filled this weekend and we are already into July! The pool just got opened in the last week and the two sheds have been more organized than they were. HJ and I have been trying to get everything that needs to be done....well....done. April was nothing too exciting. I slept a lot. ..and do i mean a LOT! I just couldn't seem to get my act together that month. Every time I sat down I fell asleep. Weird huh? I'm fine now but boy was I tired then. I spent time gathering and putting together prizes for the raffle table for the June golf tournament. That kept me busy for a while as well. I was also busy organizing an upcoming anniversary party.
May was not a really good month. A too-young husband and father of a 4 year old and a three week old passed away. Alan, also left a wonderful wife, parents, grandparents and brothers grieving. Three months from his Cancer diagnosis to his passing stunned us. That was and still is, a hard death to come to terms with. We had 2 funerals that same week. One was for my mom's younger brother Buzz (78 years young) and two days later was Alan's. My Uncle Bert (another of my moms younger brothers), lost a grandson and a brother within 2 days of each other. How very sad for him....and for the rest of the family members of both men.
I know that both Uncle Buzz and Alan are missed very much by a lot of family and friends. They are all in my prayers nightly.
It seemed that May just went so fast. It was such a whirlwind of activity for us. A lot of May was sad but it had some happy events too. At the end of May we had a surprise 25Th anniversary party for Hubby Johns' sister Nancy and her husband Mark. Shannon and Chantal, their girls put a lot of work into this event. I helped where I could. I designed the invites around a "movie" theme. Popcorn was on the tables and the posters we put up had Nancy & Marks faces imposed on them. I must say that Mark made an excellent Alvin the Chipmunk.
Yes, it was a lot of work but it was a big success. M&N were surprised, everyone had a good time, the band was excellent, we had lots of food and people went home happy! What more could you ask for?
Next thing we knew May was gone and June was here. We had 3 events that we were invited to for the first Saturday in June but we had promised way back in the fall of last year to help at a golf tournament fund raiser that our son John Vincent, had organized and headed.
It was for Neve's day care (next year she will go to the after school part as she will be in grade 1). It is a not-for-profit organization. Hubby John and I donated time and raffle prizes. HJ went golfing, enjoyed it very much and then we had a great tasting dinner afterwards. There was a raffle table and silent auction too. There were, as always,some really good prizes and donations. They had a good turnout. This year they let me out of my cage for an hour or so. I was out on the course to oversee the "closest to the flag" chipping thingy. I enjoyed it even if only 5 people tried it. Next year they need to advertise that it is a no charge -try to win a prize event and then maybe more golfers will come over to my side of the course. The event raised a lot of money to be used on playground equipment. We have already booked the first Sat of June 2012 to do it all over again. Whoo Hoo! The following day we spent a wonderful afternoon with our good friends Karl & Virginia. We missed Ginny's 60Th Bday party (which had been held on the day of the golf tournament) so we were able to see all of their gang who had come into town. We had a lovely lunch and spent a few hours just enjoying and visiting with everyone. Happy Birthday again Ginny!
June also saw us both doing a lot, but not enough, babysitting of both grnadbabies. We attended Cutie Patootie's kindergarten graduation ceremony. She is now officially a big girl who will, in September, be able to go onto the big kids playground. CP told me that this is a really BIG deal for her. She will no longer be in the baby playground at school. She is very excited about this. June also saw us going to the Cutie Patooties year end dance review. As always, she did an excellent job (all the kids did). I found it a long night and I was only there from 6:30. Neve had been there from 1:00PM that afternoon and by 9:00PM she (and all the other kids) was totally wiped. Good Dancing Neve! You Rock!!! June saw the Wee Fiend, Kian, learning how to crawl and trying to walk (without help). He is one busy little man. His first Bday was the 24th and although he did get new cars from us his main gift came later. A swimming pool with an umbrella to keep him shaded. He likes the pool. Wow.....I can't believe it has been a year already. Time really does fly! He is sooo cute! A Bday party for our Wee Fiend was this past weekend. It was a great party and the birthday boy was in fine form. All the immediate family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were there for a very HOT afternoon. Great grandma was there too as well as friend Rosie who was visiting from BC and her mom, Aunt Cara. A great time was had by all and the birthday boy got some very cool gifts! It was a wonderful long weekend and a great way to start July!
So, Hubby John and I will be getting away to the USA for a few days, both this month and in August. I am sooooo looking forward to both trips. This month we go to Erie PA for a few days of shopping and then we drive over to Darrian Lake(Sp?) for 2 days of water park wet fun and amusement park rides. We are travelling with John Vincent, Sarah ,and of course, my Cutie Patootie, Neve. It will be lots of fun. This way we get extra cuddle time....well at least one of us will...won't we Papa? (But she does like my macaroni salad and tells everyone that her Gram's make the best macaroni salad, so I can't complain.)
When we get back from the US I get my favourite Wee Fiend, Kian, to cuddle, chase and spoil for a few days while mom Jaime is at a course and dad Mike is working. Then we have another 25Th anniversary party. This one is for my baby sister Alison and her hubby Dave. That's been a busy party to ready for. I had the invites all designed and ready to print then I decided at the last minute to change the design. Why do I do that to myself? Oh well....I am very pleased with how they turned out. Mind you, having to deal with a postal strike was not the greatest but we managed. It's all good. I am sure that everything will come off smoothly. I know that it is a fun crowd of people that have been invited and they will have a good time no matter what! I just have to have everything ready before we leave for Erie. I won't have time the week I get back. So I am checking and rechecking my lists and emailing furiously to my niece Beth and making sure I have all the supplies ready to go. No problem...organization is the key to smooth running events. It will be OK!!!
The Saturday following Ali's & Dave's 25Th,we have a fundraiser dance (for Alan's family) to attend. It's out of town but I look forward to seeing everyone. I haven't seen Wendy and Dave (Alan's mom and dad) for a few weeks. We have talked on the phone but I think they both need some hugs. I've missed not seeing them.
Then there is a week of holidays/babysitting/fun times ending with a long weekend mini family reunion in Ohio. Both HJ and I are really excited about that event. His crazy canuck cousins from the North will be there too so it is sure to be a fun fun time for us all!
I, of course, will want to check out the craft stores in the area. HJ will buy a book and read a lot. He's good that way....let's me wander while he works for us.
Getting back from the states takes us into the 2nd week of August and I will be crazy busy at work. Sheila, my office cohort, will be gone on holidays for three weeks. I will be by myself in the office. August is always a busy time there anyway and with Sheila gone I know it will be a zoo. I just have to remember to take deep breaths and repeat my mantra.... I AM WOMAN...I WILL SURVIVE! Hmmmm......I'll just keep telling myself that...hee...heee...hee....
Anyway, I've got to go....I will post soon....or maybe not....depends when I can grab an hour or two for myself.
Take care everyone and have a great summer!

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