Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Well Done John Vincent!

Hubby John and I raised our son
John V. as best we could. We taught him to chew with his mouth closed, say please and thank you and to respect his elders.
It seems we did a good job. On Monday, July 7Th,
he met Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II of England. She was taking a tour of Research In Motion in Waterloo and John V was one of the employee's chosen to meet her. Queen Elizabeth shook his hand, asked John V. what his name was and what he did at RIM. Then on she went to the next person. I don't know what she thought of him, but John V. though the Queen was a very tiny lady, not as tall as she looks on the telly. He remembered his manners and gave Queen Elizabeth the respect she deserves.
I say there old fellow,well done!
Well done indeed John Vincent!
Picture: John Vincent is next in line to greet the Queen.
He is wearing a black suit, peach coloured shirt and a stripped tie. What a handsome fellow he is.
All faces except the Queen & JV have been inked out for privacy reasons.


Laurie said...

Wow! That must have been quite the thrill! What happened to the other faces? Of course, John is one handsome boy, you have to be so proud Lois!

Lois said...

Hi Laurie.
Thanks for dropping by.
I blacked out the other faces for privacy reasons as I didn't have their permission to publish their photos.
And yes, we are very proud of John Vincent.

Tolentreasures said...

How proud you must be!