Monday, June 28, 2010

Take me out to the ball game.

I am not a real big sports fan. I do like to watch the occasional golf game even though I don't play it myself. I also enjoy a good boxing or Judo match. And once in a while I like to watch a tennis match even though, again, I don't "do" tennis. Sometimes when your a Grams or a Papa you do and watch things that you normally would not do or watch.
For the last month or so Hubby John and I have been going out to "W" Town to watch our Cutie Patootie Neve play soccer. The teams consist of Jr and Senior kindergarten children. It is a non competitive sport in that it's meant to be an hour of activity for the kids and an opportunity for them to learn a new sport and how to be part of a team. No scoring is kept. It is the funniest thing to watch. Last week in the middle of a run to the opponents end of the field, CP who is on the burgundy team and her her best friend, who happens to be on the yellow team, both stopped to compare their shoes. Then another girl stopped to find out what the conversation was about and all three were showing off their fancy footwear. Needless to say, parents of all three were shouting at the girls to "go get the ball!". HJ and I did not yell with the other adults. We were too busy trying to hold each other up so we didn't fall down laughing. Would I miss one of my Cutie Patootie's games? Not for a million dollars! Where else can I go and laugh all evening and not have to pay for it? We get the best seats on the field. We get to laugh all evening. We get to cheer for the other team when they make a goal OR block one. We get to see coaches trying to keep some kind of order. (Note I said trying.) We get to see soccer players stopping to watch ants doing whatever ants do, while they, the players, are in the middle of a game, and we get to watch everyone stop to go and help someone who has fallen down, even if he or she is not on their team. Last week we spent half the night watching a little guy take 2 steps, stop to pull up his pants, take 2 more steps and stop again to pull up his pants and then run all the way down the field while holding up his pants. Finally we got the coaches attention and the pant problem (ties not tied) was fixed. The little guy ran the rest of the game with his pants staying put.
Silly me......I always thought that soccer was a very boring game. Boy, or should I say Girl, was I wrong! I am starting to think that "W" Town Monday-night soccer, is a game I could watch every night of the week.

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