Friday, April 30, 2010


The trouble with getting older is that your brain cells start shrinking and disappearing. When that starts to happen you will find...if you were to look....that your gray, not your hair... your brain...tends to delegate cell usage to the more important duties that you need to take care of on a more or less daily basis. That is: not drooling while you are eating, where you put your teeth if they aren't in your mouth, breathing, walking and remembering to wake up after you have either intentionally or unintentionally fallen asleep. These things, to the young, are trivial and funny matters. That's OK....let them laugh now....we'll see how much they are laughing in another thirty years or so. Well....that's if we still have eyesight that works....even if it has to be while using a 160 watt light bulb to be able to see what we need to see. HA! You young whippersnappers....just remember....she who laughs last laughs best. The joke will someday be on you!.........oh.....yah.........where was I? OH! I remember! with this background intel that I have just given you, I am sure that you will appreciate the statement that keys, can sometimes be left in the lock, of the front door, after you have come home from an evening of shopping. Left there ... all night long... to be discovered when you open the front door the following morning. Hubby John did it....not me. I must say that I trembled a bit when I saw the keys in that door. What if some rich... stranger came along and absconded with me during the night? Hubby John would never hear anything. He snores too loud to hear anything once he is asleep. I could have been kidnapped and he wouldn't know I was gone until late morning......or evening.....depending on when he realized I wasn't around, if he did realize I wasn't around. Even then, he would have probably thought I had just gone out thrifting for a few hours. I sometimes think I am too unappreciated. Just think.......I am gone....away from my loving family and dirty house....and nobody suspects anything. SIGH! When I finally walk in through the front door. late at night, after I have wrenched my sobbing person from the handsome, rich.....very rich...absconder and made my way, in the dark, in the pouring rain (Murphy's Law applied here) back to my dirty house and family, HJ would look up from watching Bones or Two and a Half Men on the TV and say, "So....did you get any good deals?
SIGH.......... I am off now......I need to go check and see where HJ left his keys.


Laurie said...

Oh did I write this post!? I can sooo relate Lois!! I'd swear you mental telepathied me!

samwich365 said...

LOL... oh how I love you, your writing and your wit. Amazingly spot on. Crackin me up! I'm so flattered that you came to my blog. I'll be back here again and again. We boomers must stick together. Like it or no, we're in the same boat. .. too funny.. Keri (a.k.a.Sam)