Saturday, March 06, 2010

One Happy Sicko

My Hubby John a very caring person.
He is always so thoughtful when I am sick. Making sure I get fresh air (aka freezing in the car), making sure I have medicine (aka get better so you don't make me sick) letting me hog the box of Kleenex (aka I am not using those if your touching the box) and making sure I have plenty of nourishment during my sickness (aka if I don't get better he will have to do ALL the cooking).
HJ really is a good hubby and he does tend to baby me when I get sick.
Yesterday, when I got home from work, I was greeted with the words, "I made chicken noodle soup". Yummy! Hubby John makes the best home-made chicken soup.
Yep....from scratch!
Pun intended ... hee..hee..hee... you get it?...scratch....chicken..... I know...I's a stretch....but then I am sick and not in my best form.
Anywho, thanks to my Hubby John I am feeling a bit better and actually went out for a bit of sale shopping last night. HJ came along and we got a certain Cutie-Patootie some Easter basket goodies (no, not candy) and Mr. Bump, some baby shower goodies. We also picked up some draw prizes for a fund raising event that John Vincent is involved in.
Everything bought was on sale.
So yes, I am feeling better.
How could I not be? Home-made soup AND thrifting? How great is that?
I am one happy sicko!

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Gingham Skies said...

Mr.Bump's mommy is curious... goodies?! Baby Shower?? TELL ME!!!!