Thursday, October 22, 2009

Feel better my little sicko.

My dear Hubby John is a sicko.
No, he's not some kind of weirdo or a pervert,
regardless of the fact that my sister has called him that for years.
No, he's just a sicko.
He has a virus that has him coughing, hacking and feeling tired and yucky.
Poor him.
I hope he gets better......real fast.
It's no fun with him sick.
His coughing keeps interrupting my television shows....
aww....just kidding.
I feel bad that he feels bad.
But seriously..... there is a new movie that I would like to see...
and get feeling better my little sicko.


Amy said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon!
Thanks for the visit and comment at my blog.
I need to stop back later today to read up on what's new at your place. I haven't had much blog reading time lately.....darn 3 kids :) !!!

PottyMouthMama said...

Hey poor John! I had a lame coughing thing for weeks and every time I went to say something, I'd cough instead. When we went to bed, I went into coughing fits. It was the silliest coughing thing ever. So I hope poor John gets better soon, it's no fun being a sicko! And I hope you get to hear your TV shows too!