Thursday, September 24, 2009

Things I find in the morning.

At the end of our deck is a wild area that has never been filled in. I would like the pool heater to be put down there or maybe the hot tub. My dear hubby John, would like to finish the area with more deck. It has been, for many years, an ongoing discussion between us. Right now it is a wild area that has golden-rod, raspberry bushes and assorted wild plants growing in it. None of these were planted on purpose. It was just lucky for us that we have this pretty and wild green spot. One day it will be something else....maybe.
This morning after my morning rituals were all completed I opened the patio door blinds to let Baby Cat Oscar get a better view of the great outdoors. I noticed that I had not put 2 lounge cushions away and I thought I should take care of it before I forgot about them......again. So out I went, armed with my spider web stick,(everyone should own a spider web stick) and I grabbed a cushion to take to the end of the deck to the bin that holds all the deck cushions. While wildly swinging my spider web stick and being careful not to fall into the pool, I made it to the bin in once piece. I put the cushion in and was closing the lid when I spied a bit of colour off to the side. Hmmmm.........what is that I thought? (I really need to start putting on my glasses before I do stuff.) Was it a large spider in a web? Those sneaky little things do that overnight you know....they just spin away and then presto!......they get you when you least expect it. I side-stepped to my right and that brought me to our lovely stolen raspberry bushes. No, no, we didn't really steal them. You see the house next door has always been rented. Over the last 20 or so years there have been many different people in that house. Each time someone new moves in they rip out the back and front gardens and replant them. I bet that over all these years hundreds if not thousands of dollars have been spent on plants in that back yard. Lucky us got the best of them. Up to this last year when the newest people ripped everything out...again...we had lovely morning glories on our side of the fence. For a few years we had tea roses...very pretty. And sometime along the way we got raspberry bushes. Lots of raspberry bushes. Lucky us! Anyway can you guess what that colour that I saw this morning was? Yep....late growing raspberries....lots of them. I guess all this lovely hot dry Indian summer weather we are having has extended the growing season. I grabbed a handful of those huge berries and brought them in for HJ. There are lots more that will be ripe enough for my Cutie Patootie Neve to pick Friday afternoon when she is here.
Who would have thought....summer berries in the fall?
Life is good!
There is nothing more I could want or need.
Except to have that hot tub or heater moved to the end of the deck.


Gingham Skies said...

Mmmmm raspberries. My favorite!

Gingham Skies said...

Were those raspberries ever good!! :) Thanks mom!ol