Monday, June 22, 2009

I think I'm a cult!

Whoo hoo..... look at ME!
I have five, count em...five..that's right ...5....followers who read my blog and are not afraid to admit it to anyone who happens to stumble upon my posts.
Gee whiz....does that make me a cult or something? A possible saint in training or maybe a someday national monument or a mention in future history books???? Wait a minute...does Canada have national monuments?.....Yes, I thing they do!......William Lyon Mackenzie King's boyhood home is right here in KW town. Ooooooo....I am getting goosebumps!.....I could be on the same scale as good old MK.....I am so excited!!!
When I first started my blog I didn't have any followers.
Well none who admitted it in writing.
But look at me today...I have FIVE obviously intelligent persons who like my blog.
Maybe they don't like my blog but haven't figured out how to unsubscribe yet. There is always that possibility....RATS!!......
Oh well.......till they do figure it out....their mine....all mine.....!!!!
All FIVE of them!!!
I'd like to thank these 5 OIP's and tell them that I will strive to keep my blog current and interesting and I will try not to fall off my soapbox too often and I will try to put a smile on your face once in a while. I promise to share any give aways I stumble across and I might even have a give away of my own one of these days. Ya just never know what I might be up to.
I promise to return the courtesy and read your blogs on a weekly basis. And I promise to put my name on your followers list as well, if I haven't already done so.
So THANK YOU...THANK YOU....THANK YOU! to all my dedicated readers. You just made my day. So here I am, signing off with a big fat smile on my face and sending hugs to you all my OIP's.
Lois aka Sweet Somethings by Lois, Baldy, The Mommie & Grams.
P.S. I'd like to thank my Hubby John who I know reads this blog and lurks around the outer edge and critiques my postings, but always in a good way. And thanks also to Oscar my little purrball who keeps my feet warm while I am posting.