Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who cares if the house cleaning gets done?

If you read my Thursday post you know I had big plans to clean the house today.
My Cutie-Patootie Neve stayed overnight last night and this morning Hubby John and Neve were to go off to dance lessons and I was to have the house to myself to clean, clean, clean.
I was really excited about it.
That was until I woke up at 6AM. Man my side, or maybe it was my back, hurt....bad. No matter what position I tried to get comfortable in I couldn't. Downstairs I went to go to the bathroom, get a drink and walk around for a bit trying to get rid of that side kink. I laid down on the recliner with the electric throw thinking I just needed to warm up my back and it would help. It didn't. The pain just got worse and worse and at 8AM I woke Hubby John and told him I was going up to emergency and I would phone him later. I have a really low pain threshold so any pain is not good with me and I have learned that the best thing for me to do is to go to see a doctor ASAP. Once in emergency and after being told it would be an 9 to 10 hour wait I had blood work and urine samples delivered to the powers that be and then sat down and waited.....and waited....and waited....... I was OK in the fact that I brought my book and a bottle of water with me. I would sit one way, then the other way, then get up and walk to and fro and then sit down and start all over. Meanwhile the pain kept getting worse.
I hadn't had any breakfast and had only a bit of money with me, which I thought I might need for parking so I thought I should tough it out. After about 2 hours we (my group consisted of 10 people) were taken from triage waiting room to the inside waiting room.
After another hour and after I treated myself to a bottle of apple juice I got in to see a Doctor who poked me a lot in the area that I said hurt...Really, Really in WHAT PART OF PAIN DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!!?...... and then poked me for a few more good measures and announced that he thought I had a kidney stone and they were doing a cat-scan and did I want something for the pain. When I said no to pain medicine he asked me if I was sure and I said yes and that if I really needed it I would ask at the desk. He wasn't happy with that answer but reluctantly agreed and off he went while the nurse directed me to yet another waiting area. Maybe I should have explained to the doctor that I hadn't eaten yet, didn't have any extra money for food and I was afraid that I would throw up any drugs I tried to put down. In hindsight that probably would have been the smart thing to do.
Anyways almost 2 hours later they took me in for the C-scan and then back to a different area for more waiting. I called Hubby John to give him an update. He told me he would be dropped off at emerge once JV picked up Neve. Forty five minutes later in trots HJ. I am in lots of pain by this point and ready to gnaw on the chairs due to hunger. Off he goes to buy me a sandwich. I ate half but couldn't eat any more because I hurt too much. Later.....much later....the Doctor comes by, tells me there is a Kidney stone that might be causing the problem but that he really didn't think that that what was causing this pain. He tells me they are giving me a shot for the pain, antibiotics for whatever it is they think it might be and Percocet for any pain I might encounter over the next few days.
Instructions were also given as to when I might need to come back...I know the term "worse pain" was in there somewhere. Trust me......if the pain got any worse I would definitely be back!
I thanked him, he left, half hour later the nurse shoves a (I swear to god) 15" needle into my hip, three minutes later pain is going...going...gone........sigh.................. :)
Ta da! After only 7 hours I am out the door!
Hubby John and I went to pick up my prescriptions and while in the store, family calls to say they are almost in town and ask if we want to do dinner. I felt so good I said "of course! " Fifteen minutes later when we get home I see Hubby John has done cleaning in the house while I was gone. Awwww..... HJ you are such a good Hubby to do that.
Neve helped by arranging all the chairs along the wall in the dining area. Apparently she was making a sidewalk. I think that look could work.
Wendy & Dave arrive five minutes later and off we go to a wonderful dinner where I started to fall asleep over dessert. They announced dinner was their treat which was really really nice of them. They drove us home and we all sat and talked and at 8:30 or so they left to make their way home to Woodstock town.
So what did I learn today?
I learned that I must be allergic to housework cause every time I make plans to do some I get sick. Maybe somebody is telling me something. Maybe it's a sign that I need to give up housework.
Yeah right....maybe I just need to pop one of those little percocet pills and be happy....don't worry....who cares if the house cleaning gets done or not........


John said...

Canadian medical system at it's finest. Glad to hear at least they have you on something to manage the pain, the perks make my lips numb so good luck mom :)

Amy said...

Hope you get some relief from the problems soon!!!
Thanks for the visit at my place.