Monday, March 30, 2009

Have a good week everyone, including me.

I think I am cursed.
After this weekend I thought it was all behind me.
I felt good and was ready to breeze through the week.
Ya, right!
Guess what I did this morning while eating my breakie?
I lost half of a tooth.
Just peachy!
So now I get to spend Tuesday afternoon having my tooth put back together.
Oh and just to make the week more interesting I think I am getting the bladder infection they kept asking me about at the hospital.
I hope that the little shit cloud that is hanging over me moves on somewhere else.
I am getting tired of body breakdowns.
Alright...big breath in and let it out I am ready to get over it and get on with it.
Have a good week everyone......including me.


Jaime said...

Booo to feeling terrible and breaking teeth! :(

Shoo shit cloud, shoo!

goddess in the groove said...

Oh no!!
Pumpkin seeds, nettle tea, and cranberry juice should do the the trick :).
It can only get better!!!