Sunday, August 31, 2008

This is......My favourite fabric/craft supplies shop

Thanks to Sharon for a subject near and dear to my heart and hands! I don't have a favourite fabric/craft supply shop. That's probably because I haven't been in one yet that I didn't like. They are all my favourite. I use whichever one suits my purpose for whatever it is I am working on at the time. I use craft stores, dollar stores, thrift shops or whatever. I used to tend to go into more craft stores than fabric stores only because I don't sew. But a few weeks back I did wander into a fabric store and well, let's just say I will be visiting fabric stores much more often than in I did in years gone by. I was amazed at all the neat stuff they sell now days. The store I was in had this really cool sparkle trim that.......Oops! Sorry! I where was I? Oh yes, which stores are my favourite. As I was saying, I use whichever one suits my purpose at the time. I use the Dollar stores for a lot of my purchases because they're cheap and I'm cheap so we work quite well together. I tend to buy bits and pieces when I spy them regardless of what store I am in. Lesson learned over the years: If you see it and you want it, do not say to yourself, "I'll come back later and buy it later." Buy it right then and there or Murphy's Law will take effect and it will be gone or sold out when you come back! That said, and off what little mind I have left; I love to poke around in different craft stores whenever I can. It's always a treasure hunt because you never know what you will find. Pictured above are some of my purchases for the last few weeks. Mostly from dollar stores, some from thrift shops, one from a department store and one from a craft store. I have been you can see!


Anonymous said...

Oh you're undoing all the hard work my mother put in!

"Well can you think of a use for it right now?"

"Well no, but..."

"Then don't buy it! It'll just lie around creating clutter!"

"But.. but mum...."

I think craft clutter is the good kind! Magical and inspiring and pretty! You should definitely go visit more fabric stores - they sell so much more than fabric these days! Well I'm thinking more of the Joann's/Michaels type stores. They sell beads and craft and pretty pretty trims. Mmm!

Two Cheese Please

Sweet Somethings by Lois said...

I agree with you Holly.
Craft clutter IS magical and inspiring. After all, how do you know what it is that you want to do until you look, see something sitting there and then say to yourself 'That's It!"? Sometimes inspiration just hits.
Thank you for stopping by.

Ravenhill said...

I am not always so fond of the clutter my projects and suplies create but it does seem to be an integral part of crafting! You have such lovely yummy lookoing supplies!!!
~Emily in Norway