Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Today was one of those days where, if I was that kind of person, I could have easily bagged off work. I did not feel like going into work this A.M.. I woke up with a headache and was tired and cranky. But I did my duty and off to work I went. BIG MISTAKE!! The air conditioning was not working. GRRRRR....... Sheila, my office cohort, and I worked in a very hot, hot office all day. We would go out to the hallway or to the plant to get relief from the heat. It was around 89 degrees fahrenheit for most of the day. They finally got the A.C. working a half hour before I left for the evening. Now I am really tired and still have a headache. The only good thing about today is that I get to see my cutie patootie tonight. I am smiling now...... :)
I hopefully, will get a hug and a kiss when I get there and if not that's OK because I still get to watch her. Anyway, hubby John is almost ready to leave so I'll sign off and say have a good night.

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Jaime said...

Did you get a kiss? I hope so! :)
Love you mom!