Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Oh yah, I forgot about that one.

I was watching TV the other night and because Hubby John was working in the office I had control of the remote. I was aimlessly clicking away from channel to channel and I had to pause to get the cramp out of my hand. (how do men do this night after night without ending up with their extremities permanently disabled?) Anyhow, I happened to pause on a station that was playing an old episode of Star Trek. Just as I went to click to the next channel, that famous line was spoken, "Beam me up Scottie!" brought back memories. I started thinking about, (yes, you did smell something burning), famous and not so famous, last, first and middle lines.
Here are a few that came to me:
Frankly Scarlett I don't give a damn! With The Wind
Here's Johnny!"The Shinning"
Here's Johnny! ........."The Late Night Show"/ television show
Good Night and God Bless! ...... Red Skeleton Show / television show
One of these days Alice, to the moon! ... Honeymooners / television show
Whaaaat....?!?!? ... Welcome Back Cotter/ television show
What's a uthes? / My Cousin Vinney
Brrrrroooock....chicken again! .....Hubby John
It's Staarrrvin Marrrrvin.....Me and my hubby John to our kids when they were growing up
Auntie Em! Auntie Em! / The Wizard of Oz
Go ask your mother and thousands of mothers throughout history and the world
Look up, look way up! ........The Friendly Giant/children's television show
It's a wonderful day in the neighbourhood! ....Mr. Dressup/ children's television show
Howdy partner ......John Wayne/in almost any cowboy movie he was in
Baby Ruth! Baby Ruth! Goonies
I'll have what she's having When Harry Met Sally
ET phone home? .... movie/ ET
Go ahead, make my day..... movie/Sudden Impact
Luuuuke.......I am your father ..... Star Wars - Episode?
M.I.C....see you real soon...K.E.Y....why? because we like you...M.O.U.S.E
"Mickey Mouse Club"/ children's television show
I'll be back! /"The Terminator"
My Precious / Lord of the Rings
Don't make me come up there! ........Bill Cosby's father/ Bill Cosby's monologue
Smile! Your on Candid Camera! .....Candid Camera / television Show
There are so many more. Too many for me to list, but please feel free to leave your favourites in the comment section. I know that they will make me, and any others reading the comments, smile and I know that we'll all think to ourselves, "Oh yah, I forgot about that one!

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