Tuesday, May 20, 2008

All was right with the world again.

I saw the funniest thing today driving back to work from the bank, while on my lunch hour. I had my side window open to gulp in lung-fulls of fresh air and was slowly driving down one of the side streets when I heard the distinct call of a robin. It was one pissed off sounding robin and he seemed to be venting at any and all who were within hearing range. I pulled over to see what I was missing. The robin in question was hopping back and forth on top of a wooden fence. It was screaming and was not a happy camper. A sparrow landed close by and it too started to chirp very loudly. You could hear other birds in the area returning the shrill cries. What had happened? Had a fledgling fallen out of a nest? Was there an injury? No, none of these. A beautiful gold cat came sauntering out of the back yard. It appeared that the cat got put out the house for a bit of fresh air and was stomping around in the robins feeding area. The cat could have cared less about all the fuss it was causing. It came around the fence, sat down, looked up at the birds and started grooming itself. The screaming chirps continued until the cat stood up, stretched, looked up at the birds and with a flick of it's tail sauntered slowly to the front porch of the house where it promptly claimed a large pool of sunshine to sleep in. Once the cat was out of range, the robin and the sparrow both landed in the grass and began looking for dinner. The cat, still hogging the sunshine, turned over and stretched out, looked at me, closed it's eyes and went back to sleep. All was right with the world again.

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