Monday, April 21, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

For the last nine days I have been away on vacation frolicking at the ocean side in Hatteras, North Carolina in the USA.

It was a wonderful holiday. There were six and a half of us on the trip.
The half was my cutie-patootie Neve. Papa and I got to spoil her everyday for a whole week and we enjoyed her company very much!
Neve's mom and dad, Sarah and John V., holidayed with us as did her Nittie (grandmother) Carolyn and her Aunt Sue. It was a wonderful holiday. We rented a beautiful house on the ocean shore and for five days we sun-bathed, read, ate yummy home made meals, napped on the deck, the couches and the comfy beds, played games, collected shells, fed the sea-gulls, ate snacks, lots of snacks, and went for walks.
The beaches along the coast were absolutely beautiful. White sand, clear water and lots of sand dunes. The native year-rounders were very friendly, helpful and kind.
The real reason for the trip was a three day course that John V. had signed up for. He spent the part of the week learning how to Kite Board. This sport involves a kite that looks like a parachute, a body belt/harness and a board that was like a small surf board or a large boogie board, depending on your point of view. One morning we went out to watch John and his course mates as they were or were trying to sail over the ocean. Some of them were being lifted up into the air (it was extremely windy) and others were falling off their boards. All of them were wearing wet suits against the cold wind and freezing water and all of them, or at least those with any brains, wore their sun glasses and sunblock. John V. hadn't taken his diving gloves along on the trip thinking they wouldn't be needed. He ended up buying some to protect his hands against the cold water. Even with the cold temperatures both in and out of the water, John was happy with the three day course.
We ran the gambit of weather: clear, cold, overcast, sunny, hot, rainy and windy.
It was warm only part of the week but it didn't matter to us because it sure beat having to deal with snow. The only shovel we needed was one to help make sand castles on the beach with Neve.
There were a few days that the wind was unbelievable. You couldn't go out on the beach or you were blinded by flying sand. It was also really freaky having the house, furniture, showers, toilets and lights swaying. The house was built on stilts and for a moment or two I think we all thought we were having dizzy spells or the beginnings of a hurricane. That was a very strange experience. The wind was strong enough that it caused most of us to get wind burnt the first few days. I looked like a tomato by Wednesday and it sure wasn't from the sun.
We did get to bask for a day or two in warm sunny weather and that will hold us over until our spring, here up north, gets settled in completely.
There was enough sun later in the week that I got burnt and am now starting to peel. No, I didn't have block on. It was a cool day when not directly in the sun and reading on the deck didn't seem like a cause for sun-screen. In hindsight it was a stupid thing to do. Neve, I am glad to say, did have sunscreen on as did her mommy.
My hubby John, forgot his hat and had to buy one as he got sunburned on his head. He was concerned when he found out that I hadn't brought a hat with me either and surprised me with a new one in a pretty shade of blue. He is so thoughtful and I love him for that.
We spent a day shopping for souvenirs and driving out past sand dunes and seashore until there was no road left.
On the last day of vacation some of us ate lunch at a restaurant known as Dirty Dick's Crab House.
This restaurant caught our attention by their advertisement: "I got crabs from Dirty Dick".
Hmmm.....makes you just want to stop for a bite don't it? No pun intended.
I had a fresh fish sandwich and I tried some of hubby John's fresh crab. I liked both, which for me, a non-fish eater, is saying a lot. I also tried some fried potato salad and Sarah and I shared a fried banana split. That was different tasting for sure.
I spent part of the week on the seashore looking for smooth, thin, round shell pieces. I picked up a lot of them. I am hoping to make them, eventually, into buttons for craft and sewing projects for myself and daughter Jaime.
Sarah and her mom, Carolyn, are both avid seashell hunters. Early on the morning we left, they went out for one last shell hunt. I was so happy for Sarah when she came back with a starfish in perfect condition. It was a great ending to the week.
All in all, we all had a wonderful holiday. I'm glad I went.
I am, however, glad I'm back.
I agree with Dorthy, who wears the ruby slippers, when she says,
"There's no place like home."

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tanzi said...

I think I'm more relaxed just after reading your blog! Sounds like an amazing holiday--I'm so happy you all had fun! Sea shells and naps and reading and good food? Perfection.

Not too sure I'd be as trusting as you about the restaurant...sounds like it was awesome, though.

Welcome home!